light & beauty (ep)

by joe yankee

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shade of light, glow of beauty
some tunes i've written while journeying through constant reflections and expressions of motion and of light & beauty


released March 14, 2017



all rights reserved


joe yankee Iowa City, Iowa

solo musician who makes music


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Track Name: bursting light in colour form
burn the colour of sound
monastery moons
move your eyes to the motion of everything
everlasting bloom
while you coming down
lets sedate the moon
Track Name: such a pretty view
lose control
you whole life is you ownr
tug and pull
your heart, like of stone
when im move,
feelings dont fill my shoes
electric blues
feel the parts of you

oh but him
hes lost on a string
becoming what will be

ohhh your wasting your time x 2
risk the things that are your life
its all fate anymore
Track Name: fruits & grains
Standing outside, theres something i need you to know
baby im glad, you had a feeling to show , you
when im blue and youre door is shut
and your eyes are glued to your news
when ur dreams become your friends

tell me when to go home
im waiting, oh im waiting
tell me how to do what
im made to, im made to

cause i aint got no feelings no more,
i aint feeling these feelings no more
when im blue your just the same

games that we play, rememeber being 7 years old
dance in the rain, feeling dirt under your toes
you said you grew up on your own
look how you look like a rolling stone
Track Name: space out
taking chances
midnight romances
i know it such a shame where your sleeping now
i know its not awake leave me now

cuz im not awake, this just cant be
im not awake, leave me be

is this too much, the morning light
its cold outside, im cold inside
i wont drown in the sea of green, im allergic to the color of the number 3
im not the same you dont know me
its such a shame, you just wont be
i'm not awake, you dont see me
i'm not awake leave me be
Track Name: petty excuse
you make me so cold
rotting like my teeth
when the day gets gold
i will fall underneath

the fire never stops
unless you put it out
im taking things i had
for granted in and out

why you alway tired alll the time

extra strength it must be
or i cant feel it then
im thinking too hard to sleep
talking too much to be your friend
winter goes so slow
and leaves you all alone
i wish i said the things
i only speak through my soul
Track Name: slump, melting
take it
all off of my back
im breaking my heels
off the pavement

you said you
be back before sunset
but here i am
watching it rise alone again

(maybe i dont feel the same)
(about you)

one day,
i wonder when itll get here
in this cafe
am i the tv or the mirror

you knock before
you ask if i love you
its not like before
its not like the first time
Track Name: a never-ending change of colour
take it slow
youre not too old
but dont you know
tooo take it slow

i wonder on
your light seems to shine, but
i dont know
ive been the place where you dont wanna go
and all them were seen while in my room

its so nice to dream of you

i know i need you for so long
i tried to please but i didnt

i sit alone in my room
ill wait for you