2 a​.​m. coffee

by joe yankeee

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songs for the people


released October 31, 2015

bernard shakey, jesus, my mom, thanks guys



all rights reserved


joe yankee Iowa City, Iowa

solo musician who makes music


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Track Name: 2 am coffee (why dont you love anymore)
u look good in that coat
look so good in that coat
let me see that coat
why don you come overrr

your all that i want
your all really want
what you gonna do
what you going to doooo

i just sang and
she just left
regretting everything

feel like im going somewherex2
gonna be happy where im am
gonna hang out somewhere
gonna hang in love
you. youuuuu wont know
you wont care you never did
ooooo where have you gone
whered you go
why are you gone
where are you now
(i wanna beer wanna wanna beer, i wanna beer , wanna beer beer)
Track Name: chill out (you didnt hurt me)
Track Name: feelin' oh so fine (very sick)
well im back on my feet
i got a face to see today
you didnt see me frowning
musta been to down in yourself
sick of yourselfx2
sick of you

well i took a walk and
had a chance to talk with the trees
and they remind me
that im not finding myself
too sick of myself
sick of myself
sick sick of me
Track Name: i don't like these things
beating, the bpdy i own
would you look at me (again again, so hard so hard)
i seem to lose all that i own, or make it worse for me (so hard so hard)

this aint my choice
this aint my voice
calling you in the night
when i long for you til im dead
this aint my time
this aint my fight
to ruin this time
im frightened of what ill become x2
Track Name: hangin' around
give me a ticket to ride away,
give me all the words to say
dig me outta my lonely grave

im losing my case
theres nothing left to break

sing me all the old sappy tunes
used to sing away all your blues
i cant fit into your pair of shoes

im losing more ground
im losing more, now

somehow i picked up on what you said
left these voices in my head
ill love you til love decays

im losing my mind
everything alright
Track Name: oceans/grains of sand
wait, i havent said anything
please stay, theres no reason for me to be down
dont make me dont make mee

take, tose broken wings
off your back
then, let the shore show you that is that
dont make it something else
dont make it x2

i dont want to run anymore
i just want to run to your door
im comin down, just like before
i take these things, pain fades away once more

i dont wanna run anymore x2
staying high, just to get by,
comin down comin down, its always why
its how it goes
i dont wanna run anymore
stayin high